The entry of any Chain Store in a small neighborhood will undoubtedly have an impact on local business, especially when they seek to duplicate existing services.

Local businesses do not have the same buying power as Chain Stores. That gives Chain Stores an opportunity to undercut their competition. Local businesses struggle to match pricing and discounting and withstand extended losses, until it becomes too much to bear. This is a typical predatory strategy for the Chain Store. Once their competition is eliminated, they can set prices as high as they want.


Healthy Spot, a rapid growth Chain Store from Los Angeles with 12 locations in Southern California, has applied for a Conditional Use Permit to open a store in the heart of Noe Valley. 

Healthy Spot has opened 7 of its 12 locations in the past 2 years. If approved, this will be the first of what we expect to be many locations in the San Francisco Bay Area.

My Local Pet Shop is in communication with a number of local Los Angeles pet shop owners who've experienced Targeting from A Healthy Spot location in their neighborhood, In some cases they moved within feet of these shops. 

We can stop them.




Healthy Spot plans to open their first Bay Area location on 24th Street in Noe Valley, a neighborhood already well served by existing small pet shops and groomers. Healthy Spot is paying big money to make this happen, including over $100,000 to Lighthouse Public Affairs, a PR and lobbying firm that is trying to manufacture community support mostly through Merchant Associations.



Instead of doing the work to earn the support of the neighborhood, Healthy Spot seems to be buying their way in with big money and slick advertising.

This is not the type of business we want in Noe Valley.