My Local Pet Shop is a movement dedicated to keeping local, LOCAL.

We are a collective of Independent Pet Suppliers and Groomers who believe that San Francisco pet owners deserve the level of care and attention that only a local businesses can give. We know how important your pets are to you. We are committed to putting their well being above our bottom line, because we truly believe in what we do. Keeping local, LOCAL means that WE get to decide what kind of San Francisco WE want to live, work, and play in.

We know that Chain Stores have the power to change the character of our neighborhoods permanently. Chain Stores are restricted unless they meet certain criteria in San Francisco, because it's a well accepted fact that they can cause irreparable harm to established local businesses.

This is why every Chain Store intending to do business in San Francisco must face a higher level of scrutiny. Any Chain Store with more than 11 locations, defined as Formula Retail, must apply for a Conditional Use Permit. The Planning Commission, with the input of residents and business owners in San Francisco, decide whether to approve or deny this permit. If the Chain Store has the support of the neighborhood, their permit is likely to be approved. If the Chain Store does not have the support of the neighborhood, their permit is likely to be denied. The two critical factors are whether there is need and desire for the Chain Store.

Unlike the owners of Chain Stores, the members of My Local Pet Shop are committed to building strong relationships in our neighborhoods. We live, work, and play in San Francisco. We hire local, buy local, and support local. We are fully invested in what makes San Francisco so special.

We believe you are equally invested and want keep local, LOCAL!

Support your Local Pet Shop, right here in heart of Noe Valley! Check out this video featuring our own Rick French, of The Animal Company.