You can convince the Planning Commission to deny Healthy Spot's Conditional Use Permit.

In order to acquire a Conditional Use Permit, Healthy Spot must demonstrate that there is a need and a desire for their business in their proposed location, that their business will not harm the neighborhood, and that their business is in keeping with the San Francisco General Plan.

Need and Desire are key terms, but they require corroboration. Your input is vital. 

With so many similar businesses in the immediate area, it's fair to say that Healthy Spot does not provide any unique products or services.

There is clearly no need or desire for Healthy Spot. 


The Planning Commission needs to know that the neighborhood feels the same way. 

The proposed location for Healthy Spot's entry into San Francisco is just half a block from The Animal Company.

The Animal Company opened its doors for business in 1976, making this Noe Valley pet shop the oldest in San Francisco.

The proposed location is just two blocks from VIP Grooming, a down to earth grooming shop that has served the Noe Valley community for over 30 years.

There are 10 Local Pet Shops and 10 Local Groomers within just one and a half miles of the proposed location.



This is where you come iN.

THANK YOU for taking the time to do these things. 

We know your time is precious.

your support means the world to us.